Comment: Thank you RJ, this needed to be said

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Thank you RJ, this needed to be said

I've been monitoring the controversy over Rand unfold, but have chosen to remain silent until now, choosing to give Rand the benefit of the doubt. I try not to fall in the trap of hysterical overreaction, deriding fellow patriots or blind unquestioning faith, especially in man. I agree with RJ's rational take on this.

I think Rand either made a mistake or was being too nuanced in order not to lose the mainstream crowd, hoping we'd understand what he's doing. I trust Rand has a satisfying explanation and/or apology for his recent statements. If I am wrong however, that would disappointing as I cannot support these stated positions. If Rand continues to do so, without explanation, I can no longer support him either.

He has the benefit of my doubt. I won't fight against him, but until he clarifies his statements, I cannot lend support or donate any further.

Waiting optimistically.
(If I missed any statement Rand has made in regards to this a link would be appreciated. Thanks!)