Comment: Seems someone made a mistake

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Seems someone made a mistake

There's been a lot of good commentary already, but I'll add my 2 cents anyway.

Clearly something is amiss from the point of view of those of us who are disturbed by the Guantanamo-for-terrorists-and-war-on-Afghanistan press release.

The message from David Adams does not explain the press release, it mostly contradicts it. In spots, it leaves the issue hanging by asking a good question but providing no answer.

Clearly, in order to undo the damage done, what is needed is an unequivocal position paper written by Rand Paul himself, not a campaign employee, that addresses the issues raised by the release (roughly in order of appearance):

0 Who wrote the release? Does RP stand by it as-is?
1 Should GITMO remain open to house foreign terrorists?
2 What does "foreign" mean?
3 How is a terrorist to be identified?
4 Is it the "foreign" or the "terrorist" that makes a case undeserving of Constitutional protection? What about terrorist thug US citizens (just in case there are any)?
5 If the rules established by the Constitution don't apply as valid law, what does?
6 Why should we care where the thug is tried? What is special about being tried abroad in this context?
7 Will Kentucky be made unsafe by following the Constitution for terrorist thugs?
8 "Cracking down" means... what?
9 Should we be at war with Afghanistan now (LOL)? Why?