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Thank you

Your definition of terrorist seems an accurate summary of the popular notions of terrorism, but I'm still wondering why a person who also fairly might be termed a "foreign hate criminal" is treated differently than a domestic hate criminal. If the distinction is mainly the country of origin, doesn't that make the United States itself racist and therefore participating in a hate crime, by treating criminals in vastly different ways depending on their nationality?

Murder is murder to me, and all murderers might be tried the same way, fairly, and I would have no complaint with that. But I don't understand the point of setting up a scenario where we use exaggerated force against some murderers, just because their motivations are political and they are foreign. In other words, how do we justify our own brutality? Is it even effective, this new system of classifying people as terrorists? Or is it dangerous in that it sets the stage for Americans being abused down the Domestic Terrorism?

I ask these questions rhetorically; they are just commentary. I'm not trying to monopolize your time, and thanks very much for your first answer. Best wishes.