Comment: Ack (as bill would say)

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Ack (as bill would say)

I think many of you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Surprise, Rand isn't Ron! And if he honestly believes the basic and generally accepted explanation of 911 then he probably feels compelled to support the premise that KSM and company are a form of war criminal. (personally I would support open trials for all involved, including Bush and Co)
My belief is that he isn't comfortable with Gitmo but feels the quickest way to get resolution for the accused is by military tribunal. Not very fair, but there it is. If you think that the USGOV is gonna take one for the team on Gitmo then you have another think coming.
Rand is trying to get to Washington primarily for MONETARY issues. In this, I totally agree with him. This country can survive Gitmo (albeit with a tarnished visage) but we will falter and fail if our dollar goes Wiemar on us.
So, as a recap; Surprise! Rand may be doing a small bit of politicking to attract more voters. Personally I can accept that with no problem.
For those of you who think that Ron Paul hasn't paid the piper occasionally I offer my heartfelt sympathy. Growing up is a painful process. May I suggest a quiet evening listening to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23. This has often brought me solace when the world gets too large.

And finally, for the person who made the statement about someone blowing up a Humvee in Iraq or Afghanistan. Do you think these people are criminals? Are they not Patriots of the highest order, defending their country from an illegal invasion? Would we still condemn them if they had blown up one of Saddam's or the Taliban's patrols?