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Comment: this is where RAND differs from Ron.

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this is where RAND differs from Ron.

at least in Language. I don't think they are far off, but I believe that Congressman Ron chooses to portrait his foreign policy as anti-war, anti-nation building and anti-empire, YET he sometimes forgets to state that he is for a STRONG national defense. We know he is but his message sometimes gets lost.

I've heard Dr. RAND speak about how he feels that his father could have done a better during the 2008 election stating his case because many Republican Sheeple mistakenly assumed Ron favored a Liberal Idealogy dismantling our military.

Regarding the 9/11 Detainees, I see both sides of the argument. We could open a can of worms with a trial on our soil, but if someone commits a crime on our soil, they should be convicted here.