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Exactly! Ron, Rand, and RJ

Exactly! Ron, Rand, and RJ need to get together and hash this out. I say RJ because he has shown some in depth knowledge and appears to be trying to quell things in a diplomatic fashion. RJ may have some skill here...even though I know little about him.

They need to come out with a counter video would be great by Rand...answering the question honestly with some depth involving the constitutional aspects of his comments.

I know that military tribunals are the method for enemy combatants. IF...IF...he is taking the stance that they are considered enemy combatants(even though we don't think they are and he doesn't either) the government has taken this stance. Then they fall under the military's jurisdiction and under tribunal.

Read the Wikipedia entry to see that the Supreme Court ruled that Gitmo detainees are the only ones recently to fall under military jurisdiction:

Second see that Rand doesn't necessarily believe that a lot of the detainees were ever enemy combatants. However, since they have been classified as such...the method at this point is military tribunals. Watch him talk about the problems of Gitmo at :40 :

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