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I am thankful for what I have. That includes distance between myself and my family of origin, who have proven themselves not only to be asleep, but detrimental to my efforts. For my "politics" they do not speak to me.
Shall I compromise? I get that all the time. "Compromise" means I am essentially not allowed to speak. It is not "politics" to me, it is my life. It is the world, it is what is REAL. But the kicker here would be that it would not matter if I were willing to compromise. They know where I stand, and therefore I am not welcome.
She believes I am kept away because I am "anti-government."
He is a Mason, and I called him out.
You do that math.
Yes, I will relish the very small gathering this Thanksgiving. It will be people I trust without reservation. And I can fill a table with them - there is something to be grateful for.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.