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Can anybody explain the specific differences in process and protections between a military tribunal and the civilian courts? RJ are you familiar enough with this branch of law or do you know of an article written in non-legalese which explains it? I've been a big supporter of Rand and I've seen so much positive potential in everything he's said and done up till now. The issue of where the trials take place doesn't seem as important as what protections are given to the defendants.

Giving Rand the benefit of the doubt here. If it's not too late to declare war in Afghanistan and if there's a valid military objective set then making the declaration could make sense in a practical sense (although I don't share that view). The US military can quickly achieve whatever objective is set. It's somewhat understandable when the article on Rand's site said the military should get spending priority. Even though non-interventionists are often painted as soft on the military that's definitely not the case for many of us. IMO we would need to spend more on the military in the short to medium term to support a policy shift away from forward deployment and adventurism. We need to build up our bases here in the US to support the troops that come home after completing their mission. They need to be rearmed and reequipped. Then we need more ships and more cargo planes so we can send them back quickly if they're needed. The US shouldn't give up any capability it should just stop wasting ammunition needlessly. Or spend it on training instead.