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No disrespect to RJ but ...

in KY, the southern democrats and republicans cannot, I repeat, cannot make that jump to bringing our kids home.

Rand's position captures the same end result, since there will not be a declared war. Rand would say, no declaration, no troops. Put up or shut up.

If in fact, against all conventional wisdom, Rand were to introduce a declaration of war and it passed, then Rand would have no choice but to support the war.

But at least it would be a constitutional war.

This is purely semantics since none of this is going to happen.

No war will be declared and troops will continue to be on foreign soil unless Dr. Ron Paul becomes president.

It is simply a tactical shift, not a philosophical shift.

Rand would bite his lips and support a declared war, as would Dr. Ron Paul.

As it stands right now, he cannot support our foreign policy.

That is the most important point.