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My time on Guam was

wonderful, but only because I lived on a US military base. We had all the amenities of civilization: air conditioning, spacious houses as solid as bunkers, inexpensive food and other things from the commissary and base exchange. Anderson AFB had its own beach which was clean, safe, and always nearly empty, not to mention restaurants, swimming pools, theater, clubs. One of the best things was the low crime rate. Off base there was local culture, food from all over Asia, sight seeing, historical places, and interesting shopping. It was a great three years, there, and I hated to leave, but it wouldn't have been so fun off base.

It's living on the economy that is not so good unless you are a lawyer or a doctor and can afford air conditioning and protection from the crime.

From your description, the islands north of Guam are far enough from the equator to be less onerous without electricity, outside typhoon alley, and so that there aren't the tropical swarms of insects that eat gardens. The only thing I could grow outdoors there from seed packs was marigolds.

We knew a Palauan man on Guam who supplemented his family's income by going into the ocean with a snorkel and spear to catch fish. There are people there who could survive if they had to, but most of us are not them; it's just too alien and remote, which is why I maintain that a place like that is not a good bug out location except for maybe a single man.

It is a fact, though, that if there was a glitch in the supply train...well I wouldn't want to be on a very populated remote island for that. On Guam a body would be trapped with 100,000 other people on an a speck of land 25 miles long and 4 - 6 miles wide (can you say limited food supply?) who may not be sympathetic to their own kind, much less a gringo.