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let's just cut the bullshit and state your view.

-you want gitmo to stay open
-you want the detainees to be locked away forever, regardless if there are any innocent men being held.

now to address the rest of your meandering packaging of your two simple statements:

ok. so you think people are conflating, i.e. BLENDING the concept of nonintervention with intelligence and detention. Not sure how you arrived at that concept. Sounds like you're conflating regulars on the DP for ignorant slackjawed idgits, except that you'd be wrong.

well let's just kick the thought that anyone's blending/conflating/fusing what-have-you, right in the nuts.

I totally disagree. People around here have very STRONG OPINIONS on intelligence gathering and detention, independently arrived at over the course of many many in-depth discussions, taking place over weeks, months, years. Which you might have known had you spend some time reading through the archive.

All you have to do is go to google and type in:




There's no conflating going on here, on this topic. And as far as your theory goes about how this would have gone a lot better had the administration just let the intelligence agencies "work properly" ...I think you're high.

I don't know where you came from, but before you dive in and post anymore, you may want to spend a month or two reading through the archived articles and postings.