Comment: You disagree with me asking everyone to call down and give...

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You disagree with me asking everyone to call down and give...

...him time to clarify...because that was my position. Read the last paragraph carefully. Further, my position on Rand's comments were stated publically for one reason, to stop the flood of supporters on this forum heading for the door long enough for them to calm down and give Rand an opportunity to clarify and contextualize his comments. The bickering and name calling that was going on was about to tear his base apart. I fail to see how you can call my position wrong unless you were OK with what was going on prior. I must also point out that it was not just his base that was coming apart in this dust was a cross section of the entire Liberty Candidate movement. Yes my action was controversial and yes it could cost me the good will of a man I very much still, and always will, respect very much. But leaders MUST be willing to stand courageously in the most dangerous sections of the line because it is there, where the fighting is fiercest and most deadly, were the battle will be won or lost

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