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Here's something I just discovered

Hey Elviejo, thanks for the transcript link to Rushs' show, but check this out! Even though the picture on the right says, "Spiegelonline 'Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out.'", when you click on it, IT STILL TAKES YOU TO THE PRISONPLANET.COM ARTICLE!

What a hoot! Now anyone can pull up the YouTube audio while following the transcript, see where it leaves out his attributing the source to, click on the picture attributing it to Der Spiegel, and find themselves at the original Paul Joseph Watson article on, complete with video clips of AJs new documentary, "Fall of the Republic"!

I know not many of Limbaughs' listeners are likely to do all that on their own, but we can still guide them there, at least until he gets flack for this being uncovered.;-)

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