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hey amigo, don't be too

hey amigo, don't be too hasty.

we're dealing with important stuff, and people lose their minds some times.

it's all gonna work out. trust me.

rand will either win or he won't. we don't have control of that. Kentucky does.

All we can do is just do the best we can. This crowd is diverse, an even if you have 100 posters upset with Rand, remember, they actually have a good point, even if they are going overboard.

The other thing to remember is that there are THOUSANDS of DP visitors and members. I read posts on here all the time, that quite frankly, I'm not so interested in. But it doesn't distract me from the main purpose.

To preserve what's left of my liberty.

And this is one of the best places for that. This place is a hub to a lot of other great things. websites, podcasts, newsclips, youtube bites, extremely well read opinions, etc...

Just breath. It's gonna be fine.