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Revere1776, I totally

Revere1776, I totally understand your anger.

All I ask is that you temper your idealism with love and wisdom.

There are many many people, which our wisdom and idealism tells us to immediately reject as being opportunists, liars and hypocrites.

Rand isn't one of those. Yes he made a highly questionable statement. He's new to politics.

When someone is in my circle of friends and family, and they make a mistake or do something questionable, we ask questions, get information, rally to their aid, and it all works out.

It is very rare, that I've had to break off a friendship and support for someone that is in my circle. I have forgiveness waiting in the wings, and my disappointment is tempered with love...

It's right for you to inquire. But choose your words wisely. If this turns out to be a misunderstanding, the damage you do will be mostly to yourself.