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I'm thankful

to Jesus and our Holy Father for every night that I go to sleep comfortable, happy and healthy in my own abode with my immediate and extended families tucked away healthy and happy in theirs. I'm thankful for likeminded people, friends, neighbors, virtual and here at Daily Paul which is a cross of the previously mentioned. I'm thankful for Dr. Paul's outstanding example of integrity, truth, honor, fortitude, love, professionalism, and dependability. At first I always got sweaty palms when he was on tv. Then I learned to trust that he would do great every single time. I am extremely thankful for gradually finding people who deserve the kind of respect we give Dr. Paul. I hope that grows and grows. I am very, very thankful I have given my life to Christ, because this would be very hard to take otherwise. I am thankful that Texas is serious about secession.