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...we're far worse to our people than the Chinese are. Vaccinations cause FAR more cases of autism than lead fucking paint in toys. If your kid is eating his toys, then he's probably already not terribly bright or the parents need a lesson or two in paying attention to their kids.

Let's look at what the Chinese have done for us:

- Provided us tons of loans to keep our greedy standard of living going

- Provided us with cheap everything that would be unaffordable had we not had the option to offshore DUE to increased government regulations, taxation, and inflation causing massive spikes in prices

- Provided us some of the brightest minds in this country that have immigrated here from their far superior educational system

"They" didn't inundate our marketplace with toys, we're the ones that allow the imports, and we're the ones that elect corrupt officials that have turned what was once a central bank-free society into a Communistic joke of capitalism.

That's just reality.