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let me get this straight. You want to act like selling us cheap toys with toxic paint is a big offense. We had no responsibility to check there safety? I'm sure no one would think our government would care very much about the health and safety of human life the way we go around bombing others in wars of aggression and using weapons made with depleted uranium that not only cause horrible cancers and birth defects to innocent civilians, but can you imagine what it is doing to the troops? And we borrow money from them to do it? Oh let's expect them to treat us with the utmost care and morality. After all it is what we do all over the world right? You don't even know if they knowingly sold toxic toys. Oh and our government doesn't contaminate us with anything? Geez. Think. Why are so many indoctrinated into believing we are soooo good and all other countries are bad or at least worse. I don't get the way you think most of the time. I'm not sure you yourself do. I don't usually like to pick on people here but I just want you to think. One minute you seem (I hate using terms but) like a liberal and then other times a warmonger.