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Allow me to clarify my

Allow me to clarify my comments. In spite of my lack of religious adoration for the deeply flawed Constitution, I recognize that it at least makes the attempt to restrain (albeit poorly so) the power of the central government. I therefore respect the efforts of those who fight to bind Washington by its symbolic chains.

Ron Paul takes this responsibility more seriously than any "politician" in the history of the US. Jefferson, and even Madison exercised hypocritical extra-constitutional power. Ron Paul truly stands alone.

Rand Paul, however, calls himself a "Constitutional Conservative," (whatever that means) yet cares little about applying it consistently if it risks compromising his chance to secure a job in Washington. He illustrates, at least for me, exactly why I will never vote again. There is simply no other Ron Paul and I cannot bring myself to support the "better of two evils" ever again. To support Rand and have him turn around and vote for military tribunals or further empower the DEA puts blood on my hands. I won't do it.

Being an anarchist, I of course do not believe that it is even possible for a mere document to restrain the leviathan. This may sound hypocritical but as a matter of practicality, I hope Rand wins over the douche bag he's running against but I cannot bring myself to participate when he's as compromising as he's shown himself to be.