Comment: Man seems brilliant

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Man seems brilliant

I read his basic premise for forecasting and it seems uncannily solid.
The wildcard is the fact the FED has essentially commandeered the marketplace. Irrespective of this glaring detail how is it possible to equate any cycle accurately ? Further and most important is the question, How does the judge in this case still have a viable surety bond with which to
work ? Is Armstrongs attorney a complete dumbass, or a BAR leech or both
This man has been in jail for 7 years with no trial ?? WTF people. You want your republic back, start kicking the asses of the judges where you live.
Start filing criminal complaints against them, they break laws with the regularity of crap through a goose. Learn your state code of criminal procedure and state penal code, court watch, talk to people going into court, go to the clerk of the court and demand to see all warrants issued for the month..It is your right....How can we honestly sit back and say we want freedom and liberty as we have 5% of the worlds population and 50% of the prison population...This bullshit that if it doesn't effect me then I don't care has to go. It does effect you, your goddamn taxes are paying to keep alot of people in jail or parole when we'd all be better off if they were out with a job. It has a nifty way of protecting your liberties because then these courts know they cant create a police state without a little friction. And for Gods sake if your in Manhattan get a Habeas Corpus to this judge along with a tort claim as well as a suit for his bonding company. If he breaks a law relating to his office he is personally civilly responsible, sue that bastard.....CRACK A BOOK LEARN THE LAW OR WE'RE ALL DEAD MEAT.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow