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ON Aghanistan

he stated - like his father that he would have asked for a congressional declaration of war, exactly like his father would and Ron Paul also voted FOT the authority to go after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The issue is not so easy, and differentiated, both Ron and Rand Paul would not have been or voted for a regime change in Afghanistan and overthrow of the govt, but more for going after the military camps, have a quick and effective strike with enough force and then return ASAP. Pat Buchanan said the same.
And speaking of him, have you heard how he was and is about Sarah Palin??? And are you going to call Buchanan a neocons because of that???
Also, if you listened to the interview with Montel Williams, Ron Paul did NOT say Sarah Palin is a neocons, he said she is influenced by them with her foreign policy...there is a difference between the two you know. There are hawkish Republicans, but they are not all neocons... Rand Paul know he should appeal to also people that were and perhaps still are for the war - because of Fox and media incfluence - and you cannot persuade them so quickly and the war is NOT the primary issue int he senate race. It is more about economics (of course the war also had an influence on that, but not currently the main issue). He is writing about ALL the issues of his father, have you read through ALL the PR's? ANd Ron Paul also referred to the 911 bombers as "thugs", BTW, in the debate with Giuliani et al.

Listen closely and do not jump to conclusions. Also understand the context. Have you read what Trey Grayson has written about Paul o this issue? Grayson is an experienced campaigner and has his strategists, so they are going to look for where they can portray Rand Paul falsely and give a false perception and impression of him, so as to hurt him in
the polls and election.