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also in the beinning said the liberty movement is not yet strong enough and that coalitions should be formed. Of course he does not agree with Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin 100%, but is positive and focus on the issues in agreement. He is also simply diplomatic and kind, just like his father, and remaining principled.

Also, if he were in it only for himself, why would he propose term limits? And why would he say he is so worried about the debt and this is the other main reason for him announcing for senate, apart from the inspiration of the enthusiasm of the Ron Paul revolution. And he always had an interest in politics and is very eloquent, but also a bit vulnerable as not so highly politically experienced and by being honest. But he is also smart and anticipate what issues they can try to use against him. DO not believe this is the end of Grayson's tricks. I think he considered last year running for the congressional seat of which Bowling Green is part of. The one congressman resigned int he last minute, but a sucessor was already organized, so there was no time to campaign. He knows it is big leap from no politicla experience, except for the Taxpayers Union, to senate directly, but in history there were also others that were directly elected to senate with no political experience. he has the name recognition also. In the senate - other than in congress - he can filibuster laws and he can also filibuster a possible decision to go to war vs Iran, if he does not get help from some other senators. He could single-handedly possibly avoid another war, so his election is of absolute crucial importance and people should have more trust in him.