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Libertarian Party of Wisconsin: Support our Guard, keep them home

Ben Olson, Chair 608-381-6572
Jim Maas, Vice Chair 715-212-7007

[Wisconsin Dells] “There seems to be a continuous 'mission creep' going on in the occupation of Afghanistan,” complains Ben Olson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin. “Bin Laden is long gone and there are only about 100 al Qaeda members left in country. The Wisconsin National Guard has had troops serving in Afghanistan and many Wisconsin citizens are wondering why.”

In anticipation of the President increasing the commitment in Afghanistan, Libertarians want to keep Wisconsin’s troops out of it. "We call upon Governor Doyle to keep our troops at home," said Olson. "When soldiers of the 32nd Brigade are called to active duty, it should be as a last line of defense to protect Wisconsin and the nation from foreign invaders, not for occupation duty in a bottomless quagmire. Wisconsin National Guard units belong in Wisconsin, to protect our 'Homeland'"

In the absence of executive leadership in Madison, the Libertarian Party urgently requests State Representatives to endorse and pass Assembly Bill 203, which would help reassert Wisconsin’s historic responsibilities to its citizens soldiers and national defense. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Green Party also support reform of how the Wisconsin Guard is used.

“Bring the Guard Home! It’s the Law” is a national movement of state campaigns to end unlawful overseas deployment of state Guard units. There are active campaigns in over twenty states working with state legislators to pass bills such as AB 203.

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin seeks a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals control their own lives and are never forced to compromise their values or sacrifice their property.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.