Comment: Rand is not a Neo-Con

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Rand is not a Neo-Con

(Note to the author:W E: Your "Block Quote" is the store of what the google news feed is showing as the abstract of this post. Google Rand Paul in the news feeds and you'll see what I mean.)

Neoconservatism a specific philosophy and term coined by Bill Kristol. Neoconservatives came from the pro-war, pro-police state wing of the Democrat party, and not only support a militaristic state they support massive wealth redistribution at home as well.

Just because Rand disagreees with a particular point on Guantanamo doesn't make him a Neo-Con. Feel free to attack him on that particular stance, but calling him a Neo-Con is a complete lie.

Rand actually wants to bring the troops home from Iraq, and wants to have either an official declaration in Afghanastan to figure out what the hell we're doing over there or come home from there too. And on domestic issues is actually a pretty radical libertarian. Don't throw him under a bus just because he thinks Military Tribunals are a fair enough trial for the Guantanimo detainees. Even that stance is supperior to every other Republican in the Senate because he's opposed to indeterminate detention, opposed to torture, etc.

Personally, I've prefer to punish the NeoCons by helping Rand, then to Punish Rand and thereby help the Neo-Cons.

Lets punish rand in his Reelection campaign if he actually doesn't vote with us.

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