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Where does he SAY

that he would like to have the troops come home if he can't get an official declaration of war? I would like a link to that, because I have never seen or heard anything from Rand showing an interest in bringing the troops home. On the contrary, it seems he still thinks we should be "fighting them over there, so they don't attack us here." My impression, from what he has said, is that if a declaration of war were possible, would he vote in FAVOR of it. That is troublesome.

THIS IS NOT A SMALL ISSUE. For more about the atrocities happening in Afghanistan, and the fact that this has NOTHING to do with fighting terrorism, please see:

So, if you are not merely speculating and speaking for Rand, please, provide a link for me. I want to know he is unequivocally against the wars and not afraid of saying it.

Thank you for explaining the technicalities of the word "neocon," and you're right- we shouldn't be calling Rand a neocon, even if he seems to be halfway there, and even if he aligns himself with true-blue neocons like Glenn ("I was for the bailout") Beck and Sarah ("The bailout will create jobs") Palin. Both of whom are welfare-warfare icons. Rand hasn't shown any desire to redistribute wealth.