Comment: Released 2 months ago, "CAMP FEMA” confirms reports

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Released 2 months ago, "CAMP FEMA” confirms reports

that the Federal Government has created a large number of interment camps across America with the likely capacity to house millions (& evidence suggest they’ll be Americans).

"CAMP FEMA" reports numerous measures taken at the highest levels of the federal government and by subversive organizations and institutions (e.g., the American Establishment media) that strongly suggest the plan is to use these interment camps to imprison large numbers of innocent, patriotic Americans who actively support adherence to the U.S. Constitution and/or the political ideology embodied in the Declaration of Independence.
Some of these “patriotic Americans” were specifically identified as "gun-rights" and "private-property rights" supporters; "home-school" supporters; U.S.-withdraw-from-the-U.N. advocates; libertarians;

“Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin” supporters; and those who oppose the FED, the North American Union, abortion and the New World Order.

Some other subjects covered in the film include:

·what legislation and laws are being used to legitimize the use of FEMA camps;

·how KBR was granted a $385 mil. government contract to build
interment camps in the U.S.A.;

·how recently WWII Japanese-American internment camps were refurbished and can now house 100,000;

·how the Patriot & the Military Commission Acts and other recently enacted laws have (unconstitutionally) given authority to federal
officials to seize and detain any American and place him or her in
one of these FEMA camps for an indefinite length of time without
any due process of law;

·about PDD 51 that would suspend constitutional government and
replace it with a police-state government; how the 2010 Census
may be used (as it was in WWII) to round up Americans for placement in interment camps;

·Army National Guard efforts to hire “interment/resettlement specialist” to “process prisoners and detainees” at these camps
and the law that may be used to force people to be quarantine, possibly in FEMA camps.

Attend your local special screening of
"CAMP FEMA, "American Lockdown" (a DVD presentation)

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”