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Hey thanks for your

Hey thanks for your feedback! As for your concerns- like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson believes in overturning Roe v. Wade and returning that issue back to the states to decide, which would likely improve things for pro-lifers (and fetuses). Also as "Governor of New Mexico, he received the endorsement of the Right To Life Committee for his work in reducing abortions through parental consent, informed consent, banning partial-birth abortion, and ending Medicaid funding for abortions. As Governor, he supported every piece of legislation offered by the Right To Life Committee." (source:

I think the drug issue will actually give him a net gain in votes, and as for alleged lack of personality, charisma, or rhetoric- you have GOT TO SEE THIS MAN SPEAK! He has even more personality than Obama's supporters think Obama has. Click that link in the article above for details and it will take you to my website where I have two videos embeded of Johnson speaking at the Rally for the Republic. It's an incredible talk.

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