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At least...

...your mortgage company did not foreclose on your house and sell it out from under you – all without your knowledge, and knowing you had no knowledge of such actions. :-) That's what I'm facing right now.

I was served with a law suit on Dec. 1 and have to stand and answer in court on Dec. 8 – leaving me 4 business days to prepare. The suit is to evict me, and accusing me of forcible detainer. Essentially, on Monday I found out, for the very first time, that my house was foreclosed upon two months ago and sold. And get this: the mortgage company sold the house to itself. I talked to 9 attorneys yesterday and all told me that such is common practice. How can that be? In any case, I learned quickly who attorneys give their allegiance to – the court. Even if I could afford an attorney, I would not be caught dead going into court this coming week represented by one. I will likely lose my case, but at least it will not be because of placing my neck on an attorney's chopping block.