Comment: So much for freedom of speech!

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So much for freedom of speech!

So they got you on one of those criminal code pysch exams eh?
Its a convenient loop hole to detain you overnight or two days or a even a week without cause, because your behaviour was not what they consider to be normal. Then you have a chat with a psychiatrist to detemine if you are competent to understand the charges against you. He says you are. I have seen more of these this year but a week seems a bit long!!

So what are the charges.. public nuisance, resisting arrest. obstructing justice or obstructing an officer in the perfomance of his duty, blah blah blah? If you are not a danger to the public or a flight risk it was the only way to lock you up for a bit.

Best legal advice you will ever get? Don't make any statements to anyone!! Never forget that you always have a common law right to be silent.

God Bless you!!! Brave Soul.

Just realized you could have been tazed. Remember Robert Dyjanski (sp?) was really just an upset guy when he was tazed to death by RCMP at the airport. Maybe they got rid of the tazors.