Comment: Rand Paul's Libertarian Principles is in question.

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Rand Paul's Libertarian Principles is in question.

Rand Paul's MISTAKEN stance on the gitmo prisoners calls into question his reasoning on libertarian principles -- his reasoning is in question, NOT anything else. Many libertarians are stepping back, WAY back from Rand Paul. Perhaps the apple has fallen farther from the tree than we had guessed? YOU say he wants to take America back to the principles of the founding fathers begs the question, would THEY have tried the terrorists in court of law or hurried them away for years off shore, tortured them, and tried to give the a military tribunal?

Of course we libertarians could be wrong... but I side with the Judge on this one, and Tom Woods. Again, I could be wrong on this, but then this would call for a well written essay on say Lew Rockwell or on his website that libertarians could read and discuss.

FYI...long ago, Ron Paul, when he found he disagreed with libertarians on two issues, the death penalty (he was for it) and the abortion legalization issue (he was against it), he wrote essay after essay explaining his positions. He eventually, switched his position on the Death Penalty (now he is against it) and he stuck to his guns and improved his arguments on the LIFE argument -- so much so that now a full 1/3 (my guess) agree that being Pro Life is fully consistent with Libertarian principles. I myself, after reading Dr. Paul's Pro-Life book and essays was forced to agree with him and went from agreeing with Ayn Rand on the issue to agreeing with Dr Paul. Which is all to say, we libertarians are truly OPEN MINDED to rational arguments that try to make use of libertarian principles and we are brave enough to see where this leads us.

So far, Rand Paul as NOT been persuasive, for us in the movement at least. Perhaps he is only trying to be persuasive to those Kentucky republicans who's vote he needs? Perhaps he is too busy to write a good essay explaining his reasoning and how this does tie into the notions we libertarians have of the Constitution and laws and so forth. Again we are all ears....and ears, not money, ears is about all he will get from those of us who think we need to see Rand Paul come out fully away from the shadows of the good Dr Ron Paul. We wish to listen to the real and complete Rand that too much to ask?

If you wish to come to his defense, and since you say you live so close, perhaps on day you could tell us what authors and book titles are to be found in his book case. That would be helpful.

So, the question is not his motivations or ambitions for running, the question is his degree of libertarian principles.

Keep working on that graduate degree.

In peace & liberty,

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