Comment: Not you again. Who is paying you to disrupt the people's

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Not you again. Who is paying you to disrupt the people's

process? This Continental Congress represents Americans who understand the Constitution, our Rights, our sovereignty.

Maybe 70% of the population don't even know their rights, have not even read the Constitution and Declaration. So naturally this Continental Congress is not even going to appeal to most people BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT INVALID!!!

This Continental Congress DOES represent those of us who are awake and conscious of our Rights and rule of law.

Only those who understand just what is being signed away on December 7th at the Copenhagen Summit have a sense of anxiety about this, the rest are blissfully ignorant. This Copenhagen Treaty will abolish all our rights and laws designed to protect those rights.

How dare you disrupt something that is so extremely necessary especially at the 11th hour 59th minute and 58th second! How dare you!!!!

The only greedy one is you!!

I have complete confidence that these folks will be the first to be transparent with any of the financial costs. None were 'paid' all were there on their own dime.

You sir will get your just desserts!