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Comment: In response to a few comments below

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In response to a few comments below

Dear LegalizeLiberty (and others) I hope you will get the chance to read the book The Heavenly Man about a chinese man who was arrested many times and tortured in prison for his faith, and the miracles he experienced. ), but make sure to order it through the DP Amazon link.) It is so encouraging and amazing. Here is an excerpt of when he got arrested and tortured the first time, from another book called Lillies Among Thorns:

And another most amazing Dutch man who suffered much and saw so many miracles during his time of smuggling bibles into communist countries, Brother Andrew, one of his greatest books :

excerpt below from

More trips followed in his now famous little blue Volkswagon to nearly every country in the Communist bloc: Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria...then finally into Russia itself, the center of the Soviet union and the very stronghold of atheism. At a time when pastors were being arrested and tortured, and Communist leaders were intent on eradicating every sign of God and Christianity, Brother Andrew quietly continued his work. He smuggled in more and more Bibles to more and more countries, and encouraged the persecuted believers that remained behind the Iron Curtain.

Often Brother Andrew's trips were miraculously guided and protected. As one ruthless border guard looked over the boxes of Bibles in his car, Andrew prayed, "Father, You have made blind eyes to see -- now I ask you to make seeing eyes blind." The guard then simply waved Andrew through the border crossing as if he had seen nothing!

"I'm not brave. I'm often scared stiff. I drive my car to the Iron Curtain border in the past and I have not the guts to go on. So I pull back ten miles, find a small hotel, I begin to pray and fast until I have the courage, or the liberty or the boldness to go in and that always works. But I would not go if my heart is beating with fear."