Comment: I think it is important to write about controversial things if

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I think it is important to write about controversial things if

one is passionate about it and has something to say. I think when writing here at DP it ought to be the same as writing a paper for a magazine, a book, university degree. Keeping it to that caliber of integrity is very important.

Controversial topics are important to explore as long as people stay civil and in their integrity. Agree to disagree! Is that not what free speech is all about? The ability to express oneself in a way that is both informative yet respectful even if the topic is controversial.

If we can practice 'equanimity', I think this site will surely grow.

Regarding, "It's a conspiracy theory - you're hurting Dr. Paul's image."

From my point of view I ask myself about this wonderful, rare, statesman, Dr.Paul, what is it that makes him so remarkable?

I conclude it is because he 'courageously' spoke out about things that were considered 'taboo' in D.C. and the media, in terms of our foreign policy and our money system(Federal Reserve), during a time when it was considered 'inappropriate' to even mention such things.

This particular courage of his is what so many of us find remarkable in addition to his substantial content.

I say this because I am very passionate in supporting myself and those who feel strongly about their 'pet issue' as some call it. I just 'cringe' when people say things like 'don't feed the trolls'.

From where I come from, I feel G-d speaks through people especially when there is appropriate enthusiasm and passion. (An enthusiast is an ambassador for G-d!!!)

I believe this in fact the very special ingredient that has made Dr.Paul such a blessing to himself and his family and to all of us fortunate enough to recognize that in him for the benefit of our country?

The religion threads get very tense but here's the thing. Is it not true that there is an elephant in the living room regarding those who on one hand passionately fight against abortion, yet these same people seem to have absolutely no compunction whatsoever in sending our troops over to invade a perfectly sovereign country committing murder, rape, torture, destruction of private property?

These ones consider themselves 'religious' and I think that needs to be confronted BIG time in this country! Not the religion per se but how is it that religious people can commit such 'civil crimes of support'? Is this NOT a contradiction that requires all our scrutiny??

I would think we ought to deconstruct this but we ought to do it in a way that is still respectful of others. I have no problem dealing with such conflicts myself because I believe it is important to discuss these things to raise the consciousness as it were.

That includes just about anything that is controversial because that is what 'Liberty' is. Being free to discuss may lead to a better informed people and especially to 'Justice' and the warding away of further destruction and abuse!!