Comment: The Iron Man AND the Gold Standard

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The Iron Man AND the Gold Standard

Why not both?

I'd much rather be able to vote for a Paul/Johnson ticket in '12, then a Johnson-on-top ticket in '20. Both men are healthy, eat right, and exercise regularly. Admittedly, at 76, The Good Doctor would be at a greater statistical risk of mortality, which is why we need the insurance policy of Governor Johnson in the number two position for the first eight years of the New American Renaissance.

I have been pimpin' for Paul since 1988, and watching Johnson since 1999. My only caveat to the above analysis is one of political cynicism -- it would be nice to be able to appeal also the shallow-minded melanin-rich or vaginal voters, who constitute hefty blocs in their own right. It would be ideal if Sarah Palin had Walter Williams' brains and skin tone.

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