Comment: Denver Mint Makes Euro Coins for smaller Countries

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Denver Mint Makes Euro Coins for smaller Countries

It looks like the Denver Mint Makes coins and special sets for smaller eurozone countries - allthough the evidence for this is fleeting - more like implied. (It may have been a 2002 only special run)

(I think I am right about what I am going to say)

When the mint makes a coin it has to pay back the fed or the treasury a FRN for the same value. Otherwise the Mint would be printing money out of thin air and only the fed can do that.

So if they make a coin for a euro country then they have to pay back a euro to somewhere.

But why deal with paper - just do it electonically. Also you would think the disbersement would be in Europe so why should they have to pay anybody anything.

It just seems too weird - like the story has been misconstrued or taken greatly out of context. And for the Conspiracy buffs the stroy is that the Denver Mint has the most storage space for silver and gold.