Comment: Call your state reps and demand that a bill

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Call your state reps and demand that a bill

Be drafted to write the farming of HEMP back into law and stop this insanity.
It is worse than stupid it is criminal to let people starve and farmers fail due to special interest. Are you guys tired of being extorted ? The only game in town is gasoline. Farmers used to raise their own hemp and it makes really good fuel. They made the stuff on their own farms. Shipped out for fuel to distributors would cost pennies per gallon " IT'S A WEED FOR GODS SAKE" and the fuel it provides is clean. Watch the video on youtube or google about Rick Simpson "Run From the Cure" and another interview he did November of 2008. Oil made from the buds of marijuana plants cures cancer guys, not only topically but internally. After you do a little research and come to the conclusions that I have you should be ready to riot. This bullshit goes on as long as we let it go on.

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Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow