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Comment: Is it true that it takes more petroleum to produce corn ethanol

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Is it true that it takes more petroleum to produce corn ethanol

than is saved by mandating its use? If farmers could run all their farm and processing equipment on pure corn ethanol, could they produce enough to supply their needs? Can you manufacture the chemical fertilizers and pesticides they use with corn ethanol instead of petroleum?

Makes me think of how switching everyone to electric cars would cause a huge boost in coal burning to fire the boilers that drive the steam turbines that crank the generators to produce the extra electricity needed to recharge the batteries of all those electric cars. Coal is said to cause more air pollution than any other common energy source.

Is energy policy being driven by pure feel-good dim-wittedness or is there a darker motive behind it all? EG, does Agri-giant Archer Daniels Midland have its voracious snout in the trough by happenstance or are they being so well fed because they are an important cog in the machinery of the New World Order?

I'm afraid I am ever more inclined to look for ulterior motives to public policy advocacy. Thanks, DP, I guess!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.