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Comment: I agree that

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I agree that

it's just a team to join in that the cheerers for both sides are not focused on improving life for Americans, but on their team winning. It's red team or blue team and the people involved in them are just there to cheer their side on against the "evil" other side.

It's a high school pep rally on a national scale and the hyped up are susceptible to a flashy mascot running through the stands so why not use that to our advantage?

I have a hard time with the hijacking terminology, though. I get that the teams are happy to see a go-getter ready to bust the evil opposing teams and will welcome us with open arms on that basis. Yeah, use that to get on the inside since it is an accessible method, but ultimately keep your goal in mind.

My goal is compassion - to wake the cheering section up from its "fight the opposing team" mentality and start thinking about restoring this country.

Could they be led to be foot soldiers for liberty in their current collectivist daze? Maybe on a small scale and only on certain issues. A lasting, meaningful victory won't be in sight until they are woken up, though. That cannot be done "covertly."

Defend Liberty!