Comment: I haven't had quite the same

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I haven't had quite the same

I haven't had quite the same ecxperience's you just described. I found the "R"s in my County were/are totally pissed off at the National GOP for hijacking their Congress Critter candidate that stood a good chance to knock off the Demorat incumbent in 08. the National GOP dumped all of their money into a Liberal Candidate who had a much lesser of a chance to beat the moderately liberal Dem. That blew my mind (I moved to this area 4 years ago and was still a NeoCon Repub)

What blew me a way was how accepting alot of the members were of the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul. I have found that many of the GOP members at the county level were wising up to Iraq and Afghanistan and begining to smell blood on the hands of "W" and are reay to hijack the party back into true conservative hands.

Anyway, great article Treg, and thanks for the encouragement. God knows I could use it right about now, I am unemplyoyed and liiving off of savings, Obamacare, Copenhagen-Crap and Tax, Codex and all kinds of crap have me a little beaten up.

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