Comment: Keyes has distorted Ron Paul's meaning !

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Keyes has distorted Ron Paul's meaning !

Anybody that has listened to Ron Paul for awhile knows he is talking about occupation of the ""Arabian"" peninsula as in long time military bases in Saudi Arabia, and now in Iraq, and very possibly the U.S. Naval Warships that patrol the seas all around the Arabian peninsula.... and essentially flying U.S. warplanes at will over most areas of the Arabian peninsula.

Ron Paul has said repeatedly," How would the American public react to Chinese military bases in Mexico, or Chinese war ships in the Gulf of Mexico."

Who does Mr. Keyes think was responsible for the recent missile attack on Yemeni soil?

Ron Paul as a U.S.Congressman should be much better informed of what the U.S. is doing around the world than Mr. Keyes, in my opinion.