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Join in the battle today

I know many of you work hard in different ways and/or donate, but come on!!! It would be a shot heard round the world if a Liberty candidate took down the house LEADER.

To answer an earlier question, yes he has a primary opponent, but has the support of many GOP leaders, and prominent SF independent, and the SFGOP!

I think John Dennis can pull off an upset in the general elections as well, as his anti-war, pro-prosperity message will be a stark contrast to a woman who sickens many people, and who betrayed her own core by pushing more war. I couldnt donate much, but every bit helps. And it will be a nice souvenir to have the screen shot of your name under "recent donor", which I took a moment to do. :)

As for mentioning someone's way of speaking vs their message, there was a post just a few days ago that said Ron Paul himself would be perfect, if not for his whiny voice. John Dennis, unlike many politicians, has already been a large success in life. I believe he has what it takes!! Get excited people!!