Comment: Good for Mexico!

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Good for Mexico!

In Mexico right now you can literally have an account in silver. They're making more progress in Mexico. And I have visited with their members of Congress. Before it all got passed, they consulted with me. Because the Mexican people know how bad it is when the currency goes to zero. The middle class really, really hurts, and they've experienced it.

Ron Paul is so modest, he doesn't go on TV talking about how he's influenced Mexico...but I wish he would brag about this more.

Also, I didn't expect to hear home schooling brought up as an analogy to competing currencies!

And I think if you had competition, I think it would be sort of like home schooling. Home schooling doesn't hurt public schools. Sometimes it gives them a greater incentive because home schoolers do so much better. Of course, sometimes public school people resent the fact that people can learn as well at home as they can in public schools. So, we should never be afraid of competition.