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Comment: Sarah Palin was the running

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Sarah Palin was the running

Sarah Palin was the running mate of John McInsane, if memory serves me correctly. Now, we are told that she is going to be the mascot of the Tea Party Movement?

I get the distinct idea that the Republican Party leadership is trying to take over the Tea Party Movement, and direct it towards silly ideas like term limits, a balanced budget amendment and other Newt Gingrich distractions.

The Tea Party Movement, to me is a repudiation of the Republican Party leadership - and the Democrat Party leadership (both of which are really the same thing). People involved with the Tea Parties need to decide whether they want to work for term limits and a balanced budget, or repealing the Federal Reserve, getting out of the United Nations, returning to honest (gold backed) money, and ending the undeclared wars around the globe. What is more important, the restoration of your civil rights, or some type of silly "Contract with America".

We have seen this before. Newt Gingrich misdirected the righteous indignation of Americans who were tired of Washington's agenda. Today, it's much worse. We are becoming a totalitarian state, the worst elements in our society have set up a Nazi-style "anti-terrorism" security apparatus to spy on the American people. The public screamed against the bail outs, and the Congress passed them anyway. The people don't want Obamacare, but they are being ignored. So much for "change".