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When people donate money at a

When people donate money at a Tea Party event, it is not for the purpose of enriching some politician. Anyone who is sympathetic to the Tea Party Movement would donate their services, not look to be rewarded.

Other than Ron Paul, and political candidates who are part of the movement that Dr. Paul started, I am opposed to politicians who are really part of the problem trying to use the Tea Party Movement to enhance their careers.

When I was in Iraq, several politicians made political visits. I went out of my way to avoid them, in fact I told a Major that I didn't want to be seen with known criminals. He asked who I was referring to. I told him, our politicians.

I was saddened to see some military personnel posing with these politicians who see them as political props. These same politicians would be the first to abandon us if we became MIAs. Politicians have a track record of getting into wars we don't need to fight, and then abandoning the very people they sent to war.