Comment: The tea party astro turfers...

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The tea party astro turfers...

Need to be taught a lesson, that they are not the republican base and never will be given the racist things they say. Now linking to Alex Jones and all this, divisive issues attempting to turn the "right against the left" as always

The Media is a criminal operation, not the commentators. The Media industry itself which in truth is a FOR PROFIT corporation made up of "HUNDREDS" of Boards of Directors in defense companies who tell the media pundits what to say.

Those that go off key like Glenn Beck, are quickly reigned in to continue the fake left/right war while the Globalist ESTABLISHMENT turns you into slaves.

Look up the FCC's 1980 decisions. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA will NEVER be your friend, it is your true enemy as they are run by the Fed just like Judge Napolitano says they are.

The only way to a "FREE PRESS" is eliminating the middle man of corporate personhood. Good luck getting any of that when it comes to CNN.