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Hate to Interject, But....

I can't hold it in any more, being a gunsmith, instructor and precision rifleman.

First question, why the hell are you looking at making an extreme range shot on a game animal when it is SO much easier to hit it at brush gun range and only have to walk a short distance to carry your quarry? Nevermind, I know the answer to that one.

Second, turning and milling a barrel is a long and expensive process. My shop time alone is pretty spendy and best spent on other things at present to be honest, but hey, whatever the customer wants. I'm swamped beyond belief or I'd offer a hand.

Third, I hope you were being facetious when you said you bet you could hit a squirrel at 2 miles with what is usually loaded as a blackpowder cartridge. While it is quite true that the Sharps series is/was capable of long range, that is beyond the pale. If you were in STA plt or otherwise, you should know better. Too many variables come into play with even modern cartridges, and any shooter worth his salt wouldn't risk it.