Comment: im studying this as well. The

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im studying this as well. The

im studying this as well. The first thing i would do, read the public officials duties and how there office was charged into being from the legislature, After i had a number of statues i would goto the law library and look to see how the annotated, which usually no litigation was done. I would get a copy of the public officials oath and accept it for value and submit it under rules of evidence 201 judicial notice in to the evidence file for "private filing not for public" if i could find the bond, I would do the same. then if they breached they exceeded there authority, i would bill them personally for damages and put a commercial lien on them. If this is a route you try, Be very careful, this is not for the meek of heart.

I don't see any other way to make a public official to obey, especially judges, without affecting them personally. There also can be remedies using the irs and canceling debt. Im still studying and perfecting my "theories". Others have done exactly what i just stated, but not without a lot of study. If you put a lien on a judge without an administrative process and his consent (silence = acquiescence) you will most likely get charged with felonies.

good luck