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Jefferson believed in God

Have you read "Common Sense," by Thomas Paine? It is only 46 pages long and well worth the read. Paine wrote how God, liberty, and natural rights were all intertwined....government tyranny did not mix with these. "Common Sense" was very popular...second only to the Bible. If this 46 page pamphlet wouldn't have been written we would still be under British rule.

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were close friends. While the Constitution was being drafted, Thomas Paine spent a lot of time with Jefferson while he was serving as the Minister to France. I always see non-Christians use Jefferson as the basis of their arguments....Jefferson believed in God. He was a Deist, not an Atheist. Jefferson thought that religion should not be dictated at the national government level as it was in Great Britain or France, but felt strongly about the importance of a society based on religion as he knew a country without morals will cease be a country. Jefferson being a non-believer can not be farther from the truth and believed religion was very important to society...not determined by the federal government.

The school curriculum of Early America was based from the teachings of the Bible...Noah Webster's horn books were widely adopted throughout the colonies and Bible based teaching was still a part of the American school curriculum up until the Civil War when Lincoln created government schools...normal schools as they were called at that time. (Literacy rates in America were much higher then than today much for government schools.)

Listen..I am not a radical Christian, I do not even belong to any church and my wife is Buddhist. My basis for this argument is American history...America is predominantly Christian and always has been. I know that if we can use some of the genius of Thomas Paine in this revolution, we will have America back and she will will return to the state of individual freedoms and liberty in which this nation was founded. "Common Sense" was written more than 2 centuries ago...switch the players Paine's book and it still is just as meaningful today.