Comment: Play with fire and you might

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Play with fire and you might

Play with fire and you might get burned.

For decades, the US military has been imperial in nature...thus they do immoral and illegal things. If you choose to join such an organization, (1) you had better be prepared to do immoral and illegal things; (2) you run the risk of being the victim of said organization.

It is that way when joining a corporation, a street gang, etc...heck, most families are like this.

Leave your morals behind and cover your ass.

The world is half full and half empty. The half empty part is like with it and you might get burned.

Most of us do not even know you are playing with fire. Frankly, we have to deal with the fire...the crappy part of life. At least know what you are dealing with.

The only way this guy will get out of this pickle is to play the game: buy his way out.