Comment: So sad that Dr. Paul is not wiser than this

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So sad that Dr. Paul is not wiser than this

Does he have the plans outlined for making sure women disclose when they have had sex so they may report to the state for pregnancy testing?

Abortion: If my baby is hungry, or needs its diaper changed, or needs clothes, are you responsible to come care for my baby? Of course not. I am responsible for my children. You are responsible for yours. Why do you think the fact that you are responsible for my “unborn” children? You have fallen for a divide and conquer tactic if you believe you have some responsibility for or right over me or my unborn children. It is no coincidence that every time Libertarians and Conservatives begin to unite, “abortion” is trotted out to split them. It is probably impossible, I know I have tried to explain this over and over and have not gotten anywhere. If this issue can keep “right” and “more right” split, how will we ever find unity with the “left?” Yes, unity with the “left” means we have finally conquered ignorance, and identified who our neighbors are and who our enemies are. AFTER we kick the banksters out of our lives, you may resume hassling your neighbors if you feel you must, but for now, Dr. Paul and everyone who is falling for this divide and conquer tactic REALLY need to let this go.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.